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Enjoying a healthier Easter - Group Talk - Week Commencing 25th March 2024.

We are heading towards the Easter weekend, which is a holiday that is now centred around food, specifically chocolate.

Its a holiday where we tend to over indulge on food and drink as we share the festivities with family and friends.

We can all enjoy the Easter holidays, by being mindful, and getting balance.

Start by keeping the Easter chocolates/Eggs until Easter Sunday and the Hot Cross buns to enjoy on Good Friday alone. Don't graze on chocolate all weekend treat yourself but be accountable. Its important not to deprive yourself as that can lead to overeating or binging later on.

Always choose quality over quantity remembering Dark Chocolate over 70% Cocoa has benefits to your heart research shows, it also shows dark chocolate consumption in moderation can aid weight loss due to the antioxidant flavonoids.

Instead of chocolate eggs you could start the day off with an ideal breakfast of fresh Hen/Duck... Eggs, having them boiled, poached, fried, coddled or as an omlette etc...

Enjoy your Easter Lunch, I know many of you will have lamb. a roast dinner can offer great balance enjoying more vegetables over starchy carbohydrates/potatoes.

Instead of choosing a big chocolate egg that often lines the manuacturers pocket for over priced chocolate, choose alternatives i.e;

  • Cadbury Mini Egg Easter Egg 97g - 510kCal

  • Cadbury Mini Egg bag 80g - 396kCal

  • Kitkat Easter Bunny 29g - 155kCal

  • Smarties Bunny 18.5g - 98kCal

  • Cadbury Creme Egg 40g - 177kCal

  • Green and Black 85% Cocoa 90g - 546kCal

  • Sainsburys (In Store) Hot Cross Buns - 162kCal

The Cadbury Mini Egg Easter Egg divided in to five portions would be 102kCal a portion or 1/4 packet of 20g of Cadbury Mini Eggs would be 99kCal a portion. (Could you divide up and eat over a few days!!)

May be do an Easter Egg hunt to be active, laying clues around the garden/house to enjoy family fun to find their Easter Egg or hopefully enjoy a family walk taking in the Spring air and views of new growth and new off spring.

Enjoy your Easter achieving balance by being mindful prioritising quality over quantity, eating our chocolate treats in moderation and most importantly enjoying family time together with no guilt, staying healthy over Easter.


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