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Can calories be classed as Full or Empty? - Group talk week commencing 25th July 2022.

Calories are a unit of measurement applied to ascertain the energy held in foods.

We shouldn't compare foods or label them Good or Bad, Full or Empty, bur recognise there volume of Vitamins, Minerals, Fibre, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats and Water that make the food more or less healthful to you.

Occasionally, we can/could enjoy Chip Shop Chips or Takeaway Fries, which in the past would have been known as an empty food, but in fact, Yes it is a low source of protein, and Micro Nutrients but as of an overall nutritious diet can be enjoyed allowing contentment.

In general we should follow a nutritional rich diet to nurture our physical health, however we can intermittently eat foods that are less nutritional for our physical health which benefit our mental health.

By looking into more detail of each food Macro's and Micro's we can examine the differing components that make the food more or less healthful.

Considering food without prejudice opens you up to acknowledge the nutritional and mental significance food has to us. Not all foods we consume need to be ultra-nutritious or have unbelievable Macronutrient proportions, life is for living, food is for enjoying, its getting the balance.

No food can be labeled its 'Empty Calories', it is just a food that is less nutritious, and if we consume a less nutritious food our next food can be of that, that is more nutritious, offering a richer nutritional balance.

Food that has a richer nutritional balance should be our first and foremost choice of foods, promoting our physical health, however incorporating our favoured foods is equally as significant for our mental health.

It's important to enrich our physical and mental health identically.


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