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Your Support Network - Group Talk - 24th July 2023.

Weight loss can be tough particularly when struggling alone, but here at Friends On A Journey we are not a lone.

We are a gathering of people facing shared challenges, where we offer support, encouragement and comfort to others and receive the same in return.

Friends On A Journey groups offer you a safe setting to discuss emotions, situations and circumstances with others who offer understanding and support. The support offered often comes through first hand experiences, sharing their coping strategies.

But I offer more than just the group settings, to all and please always feel free to ask for extra support.

I send weekly personal messages of support, and group support, menu plans, recipes and journey examples via our closed Facebook Group, or shared Social Media and the website.

I offer daily accountability of shared tracking; Nutracheck allows you to share your tracker directly to me, and with other app members take screen shots and share or photograph their pen and paper notes and share.

When struggling I analyse members tracking making notes on ways to move forward.

I provide one to one consultations creating weekly meal plans, recipe ideas and shopping lists, taking the opportunity to find out what works and what doesn't and how to navigate to make life easier to achieve your goals.

All accountability from within, group and in person can be the game-changer when it comes to reaching your goals and maintaining them.


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