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Smart Swaps for Christmas Treats - Group Talk - 5th December 2023.

Wow we have just three weeks left until Christmas, I know I am planning menu's and food choices for the festive season and considering healthy swaps within recipes. Lets share our Christmas swaps allowing us to support our journey through the festive season.

Lets have fun whilst sharing, testing our knowledge on Christmas foods.

  1. What's a typical pie you have for Christmas?

  2. You can combine Sprouts, Chestnuts and Bacon for a mouthwatering Christmas treat. But how many varieties of Sprouts are there?

  3. What is the Traditional meat course for Christmas dinner?

  4. What was the traditional christmas dinner in England before Turkey?

  5. What is the rich sweet bread Christmas speciality in Lyon?

  6. What sauce do you typically have on your Christmas Pudding?

  7. What sweet biscuits did children typically leave Santa?

  8. What is a traditional food item made from Bacon - covered sausages?

  9. What are Pigs in Blankets called in Scotland?

  10. With what flower buds do you decorate a Christmas Ham joint?

  11. What is a vegetarian alternative to the christmas turkey dinner?

  12. What is Panettone?

  13. What is the famous red and white Christmas Candy?

  14. Which Fruit is traditionally put inside a Christmas Stocking?

  15. What "Roasting on a open fire" in The Christmas Song?

  16. Who brought a big turkey for the cratchit family on Christmas Day in A Christmas Carol?

  17. What can you swap Beef with in Beef Wellington?

  18. What is Mulled Wine?

  19. If you want to avoid bad luck throughout the following year. In what direction should you mix the Christmas Pudding?

  20. What food item do you traditionally hide a sixpence silver coin in?


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