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Setting Your Goals - Group Talk - Week Commencing 20th November 2023.

We are all different and our journeys are all different. However figuring out our 'Happy' weight is a good start for us all.

We are guided to use a BMI Calculator to ascertain what our healthy weight should be, but the BMI Calculator does have some limitations. So here at Friends On a Journey, whatever your healthy goal weight is I will support you to achieve and maintain it.

What is considered to be a healthy safe weekly weight loss guide, Yes you are correct, between 0.5lb and 2lb a week and for weight gain 0.5lb to 1lb a week. We can achieve this by making small changes, by eating healthily balanced meal, healthier portios at a calorie deficit.

No diet plan/program will be successful until a goal is set, and a road map is planned of the journey to your destination/goal. It is a good idea to set mini goals i.e. service breaks along your journe, where you reward yourself with non-food rewards i.e. watch a film at the cinema, buy tickets to watch your favourite band/comedian, buy a Fitbit, go clothes shopping or it might be that you add a pound coin into a jar for every pound you lose (or gain depending on your journey) as a visual representation of your journey.

In the corporate world the use of S.M.A.R.T. goal setting helps workers and clients set clear aims, development and results. How ever we canuse it to accomplish our goals, creating a clear plan to follow.

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Achievable

  • Relevant

  • Timely/Time-bound

When constructing your S.M.A.R.T. goals ask yourself.

  • What exactly will you accomplish? (Specific)

  • How will you measure whether you've accomplished the goal? (Measurable)

  • Is this something you can accomplish? (Achievable)

  • How does this goal support your long-term wants? (Relevant)

  • By when will you achieve this goal? (Timely)

Responses maybe.

  • A 20lb weight loss.

  • I am 20lb less than when I started my journey.

  • Lose 0.5lb/2lb a week, following my healthy eating plan and being active.

  • Achieving my goal (20lb off).

  • Within 12 months.

It might be that you need more than one goal to achieve your ultimate goal.


  • Eat 30 plants a week

  • losing 1 stone

  • Set bedtime and wake up routines

  • Going down a clothes size

  • Join a activity class

  • Batch cooking

  • losing 5%

  • Planning meals

  • Reading Food labels

  • losing 10%

Setting small achievable goals makes it much more likely that you'll achieve your journeys goals.

When I started my journey my goals weren't numbers on the scales, but being able to buy jeans from a High Street store and to wear my heals again all day.

I enjoyed going down one size at a time and its only after going from a size 34/32 to a size 14/12 that I started looking at the numbers on the scales.

I am not at my goal as life has got in the way , but I am holding my own and my current goal is to continue to hold my own to the New Year, then in 2024 to lose 1.5stone before 2025 as I am going to try and find more time for ME.

What are your goals and how will you achieve them?


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