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Portion Control - Group talk week commencing 31st January 2022

Portion Control

  • Guestimating

  • Eyeballing

  • Estimating

  • Ballpark

  • Size up

  • Wag

  • Guess

  • Reckon

  • More or Less

  • Approximately

  • Or Something

These are all words that contribute to overeating.

Once food is on our plates we tend to eat almost all, until the plate is clear, so taking control of what we eat before plating up our food is priority in preventing overindulgent.

The kitchen scales are our friend, they give us accountability and keep us on track. They shouldn't be seen as a faff, task or time hinderance. The kitchen scales can and will facilitate us on our journeys.

It is important that we weigh and track the item correctly.

If the potato we weigh is raw track it as a raw potato, if its cooked track it as a baked, roasted, or boiled potato where appropriate.

Portions and snacking

If it is in your pantry, draw, fridge, cupboard or freezer you will eat it, especially when it comes to snacks and treats.


Because we enjoy the food we eat.

The issue is when we open a packet we tend to eat the whole quantity instead of just a portion, these snacks tend to be calorie-dense and once eaten make us feel like we've ruined our journey, however if we track it and adjust our day accordingly we haven't ruined anything we are being accountable.

There are two simple solutions to this...

  • Continue buying the treats you like and portion immediately when unpacking the shopping into portion amounts and then placing in the appropriate store.

  • Or buy the same treat in smaller sized/portioned packaging.

The second option quite often is the best option, as the first can still lead to eating the whole contents of the original packaging at once as once open all is consumed.

The second option offers a win-win solution you eat the whole contents and receive the satisfaction of throwing away the packaging when finished but also you've eaten fewer calories.

Bottom Line

We can take many steps to manage portion control and all are simple changes that are proven to be successful to our journeys have a great week tracking, weighing and measuring.


The Fitness Chef - Eat What You Like & Lose Weight for Life - Grame Tomlinson

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