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Managing the Christmas Socials - Group Talk - Week Commencing 27th November 2023.

'Tis the season to be Merry' as our social calendar all of a sudden becomes jam packed, as the festive party season of overindulgence and late nights are certain to happen.

So how can we stay healthy during this challenging time, allowing us to continue supporting our journeys.

When we have an evening out planned, start the day with a bowl of porridge topped with your favourite fruit, nuts and seads. Porridge helps manage our blood sugar levels, if we add yogurt/probiotic you are supporting your microbiome, promoting your gut health and immune system to help when your alcohol consumption is raised and you are sleep deprived.

Hydration is extremely important both on the day of your event and the next, to make sure you stay healthy, as even mild dehydration can cause headaches, and with alcohol being a directic dehydration can happen easily. All fluid intake is important, avoiding however caffeinated varieties which are recognised as dehydraters, aim for six to eight glasses of water a day.

Never attend the event hungry, if going straight from work take a healthy snack to eat before hand, a pot of yogurt and a peice of fruit, if going home first maybe a bowl of soup, granary toastwith nut spread, a bowl of cereal with, milk/yogurt, nuts, seads and fruit.

If enjoying a sit down meal, order in advance when not hungry making the choices getting the balance between healthy and festive. If a beige buffet chose wisely filling just one small plate as if it was the Argentinian Plains rather than Mount Vesuvius and no return visits.

Avoid drinking your calories food is more important for your health and well-being, chosing spirits with slimlines mixers is far healthier for you than Beer, Cider, Wine, Alcopops and Cocktails, and in-between drinks enjoy non-alcoholic drinks, like water, slimlines or tea and coffee.

Start your next day with a breakfast full of Plants supplying your body with healthy Vitamins, Minerals and Fibre, and also eggs with filling protein, supporting your microbiome/gut health for example Shakshuka, Omlette or a Full English making it your first meal back on track, of healthy eating gaining balance.

When at workor visiting family and friends plan in advance for seasonal treats knowing the calories of your favourites allowing /planning them inadvance.

  • Mincepies - 249kCal - Shop bought

  • Stollen - 122kCal - Slice

  • Panettone - 231kCal - Slice

  • Festive Friend Chocolate Biscuits - 84kCal - 4 x biscuists

  • Festive Shortbread - 85kCal

  • Terry Chocolate Orange - 164kCal - 4 x segments

  • Chocolate Money/Coins - 133kCal - 5 x coins

  • Quality Streets - 45kCal - each

  • Roses - 51kCal - each

  • Celebration - 49kCal - each

  • Heroes - 43kCal - each

  • Christmas Cake - 296kCal - 75g slice

Christmas is about spending time with family and friends, getting the balance between indulging but not overindulging, reminding ourselves all good things stay good within moderation.

Track, weigh and measure always staying accountable as knowledge is key to success.


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