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How to eat Mindfully - Group talk week commencing 13/09/2021

How to eat Mindfully.

Mindful eating is all about paying attention to the way we eat.

Eating mindfully improves digestion, manages our hunger and helps us appreciate food significantly more. Mindful eating can help assist in weight loss as we tune into making better choices and avoid over eating.

Practicing mindful eating simply means being present when we eat - paying attention to it and being aware of it.

How to practice mindful eating.

1. Recognise how you feel when you are hungry, what is you body craving, don't change it, just notice and explore those feelings.

Learning to understand our bodies hunger means we can learn not to over react and actually control what we eat, rather than eating food for the sake of it.

2. Chose what you eat, because of it's benefits; What in the food; How it is prepared; How it ignites the senses; The cost.

The food we chose will nourish our bodies and give us a feel good feeling/emotion.

3. Take time in preparing food, notice how the knife cuts, the spoon folds or stirs, the pans make sounds as they heat up and expand, they also sizzle, spit, bubble... when adding ingredients. Notice the smell, the effects to your senses; i.e. when peeling an onion; tears, snuffling nose... spices added to a warm pan; infuse the air; tears; over powering fragrance.

This prepares our body/senses for being ready to eat and being nourished.

4. We start the process of eating with our eyes, so take the time to plate the food, remove from the packaging. This process also makes less look more.

This invites us to eat, to appreciate the taste before we actually taste the food.

5. When eating take time to notice any smells, sounds, texture, shapes, colour, temperatures... be aware how it feels in your mouth, take note how you chew and breathe.

Eating mindfully allows your body to process the food properly as it slows down your eating, and in turn allows the brain to be heard when reached satiety.

6. When you've finished eating take time to pause and notice your body, breathing, feelings, tastes.

This will aid digestion and help us identify the feeling of satiety.

Tips for Mindful eating.

* Cook at home - so you can appreciate the whole development of your meals.

*No distractions - turn off the Television, remove you mobile phone.

*Sitting at the table - a place for the head to focus its time to eat, to aid digestion i.e. posture

*Taking time for eating and to relax after eating - helps recognise our satiety.

Mindful eating practice.

In group I gave everyone a 'Starburst' (Opal Fruit) (50Kcal) to experience mindful eating, but find anything to try this... a raisin, chocolate, nut etc...

* Take time to unwrap the item (Starburst).

* Take notice of it's colour, shape, smell, texture, weight, where's it come from.

* Now carefully place it in your mouth on to your tongue, take time to notice your taste buds come alive, recognise the flavour and appreciate it.

* Now start chewing slowly and meaningfully before swallowing, savouring the taste and appreciating the treat it was.

Expand when eating a meal

* Appreciate the food for what it can do for your bodies, continue eating treating every mouthful as something to be enjoyed and as you become satisfied take a moment to be grateful.

Mindful eating encourages a deeper appreciation of every meal, every mouthful and every ingredient.


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